Kyela, Tanzania
where it only rains at night...
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Matema Beach
Kyela, Tanzania - Matema Beach - photo credit Newton Mwakabambo, Kyela Enviculture

Kyela is most popularly known for Matema Beach, a beautiful beach on the coast of Lake Nyasa located about 45 km from Kyela town.  This is where German missionaries established a hospital in the late nineteenth century that is still running today.  The beach is busy during Christmas and Easter holidays, but otherwise is quite peaceful.  Nearby attractions are the Nakyala ritual cave, Mwalalo falls, and the Lyulilo pottery market.  Traditional dances can be organized on request.  Options for accomodation include the Lutheran Guest house, the Matema Lakeshore resort, and the Crazy Crocodile Campsite.  Other cheaper options are available in the nearby Matema town. 

Matema Beach
Ikombe pottery industry/ Lyulilo pottery market
Mwalalo waterfalls
Nakyala ritual cave
Mwalisi waterfalls
Kingili crater lake
Kilambo hotsprings
Katago Forest
Suspension Bridge
Mwaya/ Kajujumele beaches