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The following NGOs, either based in Kyela or with a branch here, are listed alphabetically.

Hedea (Health and Development for People Living with HIV/ AIDS)

Hedea is an NGO based on a group of people who practice openness about their HIV status as a means of preventing the further spread of the disease.  They educate the public on the importance of getting tested, on issues surrounding mother to child transmission, and on how to care for children living with AIDS.

Contact:  Julius, Director

Kyela Paralegal Unit (KYEPU)

KYEPU, one of many locally based Paralegal Units in Tanzania, is an NGO providing free legal assistance to those in need, particularly focusing on marriage and divorce, children living in difficult environments, and those living with HIV/AIDS.  It has a good variety of publications that simplify legal issues for the layman.  KYEPU opened its office in Kyela in 2003.  It receives support from the Political Parties of Finland for Democracy. 

Contact:  Anna Minga, 076-506706

Kyela Education Improvement Foundation (KEIFO)

KEIFO is an NGO established by a native of Kyela who spent 25 years working in the IT industry in the United States before deciding to come back to Kyela to help his own people.  KEIFO offers low-cost computer training to residents of Kyela.  It's office is located on Kyela's main road, opposite Matema Beach Hotel.  Currently there are about 150 students.  A new centre is under construction on Kyela Resort Road, where nursery, primary, and secondary education will be offered.

Contact:  Gabriel

            KidzCare is an internationally registered NGO with headquarters in dar es Salaam and several orphanages there.  It has a kindergarten in Ngonga village, Kyela, and a nutrition centre for children aged 3-4 years.  It is in the process of building a new kindergaten in the nearby village of Nsanga.  
Contact:  Robert and Mary Notman, P.O. Box 34290, dar es Salaam
Jitambue Lembuka Tanzania (JLT)
Jitambue Lemb is a locally-based NGO which was registered in 2008.  It offers affordable training in computer skills, English, French, Accounting, and Community Development.  It is currently seeking funding to provide training to microfinance institutions and business entrepreneurs in Kyela district with the aim of building their capacity.  It will also be educating the public at large, and villagers in particular, about the importance of engaging in business in addition to farming activities. 
Contact:  Mr. Simon Mkanya
                   Office is in Kyela town at the intersection of Nyerere Road and Tasaf Canal

 Kyela EnviCulture 
            Kyela EnviCulture is a unique NGO encouraging the people of Kyela to lift themselves out of poverty in an economically and environmentally sustainable way, using the natural resources surrounding them.  Cultural Tourism is the hosting of tourists by villagers living near the tourist attractions for their own economic sustainability.  Kyela EnviroCulture was registered in 2006, and its activities so far have included town cleanliness efforts, tree planting, and the starting of a drama group to educate villagers on the importance of environmental conservation.  It plans on a program of tours around Kyela, including village visits, to expose the outside world to Kyela’s attractions.
Contact:  Newton Weston 

 LUWADA (Lusungo Ward Development Association)
Luwada works in villages on malaria education (funded by Africare), including the use of the new ACTs (Dawa la mseto in Kiswahili) and Aloe-treated mosquito nets.  It also works in HIV education (funded by Rapid Funding Enveloppe). 
In 2006, it began a project called “Gender and Development in Kyela District”, funded by The Foundation for Civil Society, which aims to sensitive villagers and development workers on gender issues, in particular to reverse the cultural tendency to minimize the rights of women in community/ family decision making, court cases, and land tenure.  It worked by educating selected villagers, who in turn educated others from their villages.  In 2006 it received a recognition as one of the top-performing NGOs funded in Foundation for Civil Society’s Image of Success Magazine.  In March 2007, it held a forum for various stakeholders in gender issues.  A main objective of the project is for people to recognize the role that women should play in the development process.
 Contact:  G. Allen Mwakyusa, Chairman
                P.O. Box 599, Kyela, Mbeya

Mkombozi Group
Mkombozi Group is a Kyela-based NGO run by a medical practitioner.  It was registered at the national level in 2007.  Their first objective is research on the factors leading to the deaths of under-five children and pregnant mothers from malaria and HIV, as well as those leading to youth (14-24) living in difficult environments.  Their second objective is to educate mothers on malaria/ HIV prevention and the danger of uninformed use of natural medicine during pregnancy, and to educate youth on the need to engage in income-generating activities to avoid laziness and dependancy. 
Their third objective is to provide fle in need and capital for youth to plant rice or flowers, or to start small businesses.  They work through families or small groups.  They started with five villages in Ngonga ward, providing food to children and pregnant mothers, as well as working with the government to provide free HIV testing for 500 people.  Ngonga is the hardest hit ward in terms of HIV infection as well as having the highest death rate from faulty use of herbal medicine.  Mkombozi Group has not been able to fulfill all its goals under their third objective due to lack of funds.   
The organization is currently run from personal funds and member contributions, as well as through income from computer training.  They are applying for funds from the Human Development Trust and Foundation for Civil Society.     
Contact:  Dr. Phidel Bikombo, Director/ Chairperson

Ngobe Group Tanzania – Organization for Social Services and Orphans
Ngobe Group is an NGO registered in 2002 providing services for orphans and their families.  They have an orphanage in the village of Lupembe where they can accomodate up to twelve orphans in greatest need from anywhere in the country.  Currently they have six.  Their philosophy is that the orphans should have interaction with other Tanzanians during their time at the orphanage in order that when they leave they will be able to integrate into society with ease.  They also support orphans outside the orphanage with school fees and uniforms on an emergency/ as needed basis. 
Ngobe Group doesn’t receive outside funding.  They fund their activities through the tending of rice fields in Lupembe, which is also used to feed the children. 
Volunteers from abroad are welcome.
Contact:  Ali
               He may be found at the Sativa Land Internet Cafe
               landline:  025-2540290
               cell:  0715-510510     

The Mango Tree
            The Mango Tree, registered in 2002, is a British founded organization with branches in Kyela, Malawi, and Kenya.  It works with orphans as well as children living in difficult environments.  Each village in which the Mango Tree works has its own volunteers (citizens of the village), who identify the children most in need.  They then support these children and their caregivers in the areas of education (providing school uniforms, books, notebooks, and mathematical sets) and health (providing medicine when the children are sick).  The Mango Tree also pays school fees for Secondary School students who are deemed to be in need and capable, and finally provides vocational training for youth in carpentry and tailoring.  They are planning in the future on giving loans for small business.
            In Kyela district, the Mango Tree works in the villages of Ipande, Ngonga, Ikolo, Busale, Ngana, Katumbasongwe, Bujonde, and Kayunju.  It also works in three villages in the neighbouring district of Rungwe.  It has a total of 145 village volunteers.
             The Mango Tree runs a library just outside Kyela town.  It was inaugurated in October 2008 with President Kikwete's visit, and offers lending services and a soon-to-be-opened internet café.
Andilile Ibrahim, Executive Director
P.O.Box 455, Kyela
William & Gail Fulton
The White House
Puddington, Cheschire   CH64 5S$
+44 151 336 733

Small Enterprise Foundation (SEF)
SEF was formerly a microfinance institution, but branched off as an NGO, the MFI having being bought by Tujijenge Microfinance (TMF). SEF was started by Joel Mr. Mwakitalu, a native of Kyela district. SEF is currently working on forming a network of rice farmers in Kyela district to lobby on issues such as better market prices, involvement in policy-making, etc. 

Location:  Kyela town opposite the old police station (kituo cha polisi cha zamani)

 SWOLO – Service for Widows, Orphans, and Little Ones
SWOLO is a trust registered under the Ministry of Justice in 1994.  Its current focus, in partnership with Help Age International (since 2000), is on the elderly, regardless of whether or not they are widows.  This is due to the fact that most of the NGOs in the district focus on orphans and AIDS victims.  Recently SWOLO received a grant from the Foundation for Civil Society to create village councils for the elderly.

Plans, in co-operation with local government, include the provision of free health services for the elderly, as well as the building of a medicine shop with low-cost medicine (with a flexible pricing system so that those able to afford it can subsidize the cost of medicine for old people with little means). 

Contact:  Abel Ambakisye (Mzee SWOLO), Director
               0787-413200/ 0732-413200

 St. John Hus
St. John Hus is an NGO registered in 1995 and affiliated with the Morovian Church of Kyela.   It provides a safety net for orphans and children living in difficult environments, as well as people living with HIV/AIDS.  It aims to provide these individuals with a balanced diet, distributing staples like beans, rice, flour, sugar, and vegetables.  It also conducts public meetings to educate villagers on HIV/AIDS and STDs.  It has its own band to provide entertainment at the meetings.
St. John Hus works in all eight wards of the division of Unyakyusa.  Every village in which it works has a volunteer.    
            St. John Hus welcomes volunteers from abroad, who may be involved in office work as well as assisting at village meetings.
Landline:  25-540283
Director cell phone:  07084415001
Tanzania Social Action Fund (TSAF)
               TASAF is a national organization, registered in 2001, with one of its branches in Kyela.  It is funded by the World Bank.  It works at the village level and has three kinds of subprojects, of which community members themselves choose which is most appropriate for their village.  The first is for service-poor communities, and may involve the construction of dispensaries, school buildings, pit latrines for schools, etc.  The second is for vulnerable groups:  widows, orphans, elders, etc., and finances the individuals in goat/ pig/ chicken rearing enterprises.  The third is for food-insecure communities, and employs individuals in road and dam construction to give them a livelihood.  Sector experts work with community members to choose the subproject and facilitate the election of officials.  The project is overseen by the village council. 
Contact:  Manager 0784-804508                                  
   Mungi, Acting Co-ordinator
               cell:  0762-197930 

TechnoServe is an international organization with a branch in Kyela.  They work with cocoa farmers in Kyela and coffee farmers in Rungwe.  Their aim is capacity strengthening of farmers through education on effective methods throughout the entire cycle, from harvesting to fermentation and drying.  Their approach is participatory, with farmers first watching a video and then trying the techniques for themselves.  Trainers come to villages at each stage of the cycle.  TechnoServe's original goal was to have at least 15% women farmers participating in their programs.  As of now, they have reached 32%.  

TechnoServe also acts as an advocate to help Kyela farmers get higher prices from cocoa buying/ exporting companies in Kyela, such as Mohammed Enterprises and Biolands International.  Finally, they look for markets for Kyela cocoa on an international level.  They have recently had a visit from the leaders of Theo Chocolate in the USA, who are considering making a Kyela organic chocolate bar. 

Location:  Kyela Business Centre (KBC), Kyela main road

Tuwepamoja (‘Let us work together’) is an NGO with headquarters in dar es Salaam and its one branch in Kyela.  It supplies essential items like clothing and soap for those in need.  Currently it works in the villages of Katumbasongwe and Mwakwale, as well as Border town.  Volunteers welcome.
Contact:  Mama Mwakasendile
Most times she can be found at her coffee shop at the bus stand (ask for Mgahawa wa Mama Mwakasendile)        
 USACA – Umoja Social Support and Counselling Association
USACA is an NGO supporting people living with HIV/AIDS, orphans, as well as their caretakers.  It provides basic needs as well as capital and training for small entrepreneurial activities such as soap-making.  It works in all seven wards in Ntabela division (Unyakyusa division is looked after by St. John Hus above).   
Mr. Octary, Secretary
Village Link Tanzania (VILITA)

VILITA is an NGO working in the village of Ikolo, about 8 km from Kyela town.  It aims to provide a link between villagers and resources and services that are able to assist them in improving their lives.  It currently has a small library in a bamboo office in the village.

Location:  Ikolo village, Busona market, Kwa Toro
Susan Mintz, Director 
If you have an NGO in Kyela that is not listed here, please contact  with your contact information and a brief summary of your NGO’s activities.  Any changes or updates to the above listings can also be submitted.  Upcoming events for NGOs and other organizations are listed under News, so please also send information to the above e-mail if you have an event that you would like to advertise.

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